History of the MG TD


Doepke Jaguar XK120

Introduced in 1955, the Doepke Jaguar proved just as popular as the Doepke MG TD. The Jaguar was offered in two colours, but original red ones are almost non-existent today. Baby blue is the predominant hue. Primed versions were not available, but fully assembled versions were. They came in a plain brown box similar to the Doepke construction toys.

With real "style-setter" lines and realistic looking chassis details, the Doepke Jaguar was an enjoyable kit to assemble and a wonderful toy to play with.
The dimensions of the Doepke Jaguar are W x L x H:  15,5 cm x 44 cm x 11,5 cm, or 6 1/4" x 17 1/2" x 4 1/2". The cars have big rubber tyres indicated with Doepke and Doepke model logo.

Doepke model code 2018 Jaguar.This web page is designed in black and white. If you would like to see the colours of this Jaguar Doepke boxes and models, click here or on the images below.

Original Doepke Jaguar car kit

Original blue Doepke Jaguar on original box

Nice example of an original blue Doepke Jaguar

Doepke Jaguar XK120 instruction manual

Below you will find the instruction manual for the Doepke Jaguar. This is a scan of an original document. (Doepek nr 2018)

These are the best scans I have available for the moment. If you have an original one, please provide me with some good scans if possible. Or make me a proposal for the original document.

Doepke Jaguar Instruction manual 01

Doepke Jaguar Instruction manual 02

Doepke Jaguar Instruction manual 03

Doepke Jaguar Instruction manual 04

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